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CEC North Star

CEC North Star Energy Ltd

Late 2012 Octagon 88 laid the foundation in what management believes

to be the next decade of success for the Alberta Oilsands,

securing 33% ownership of 

CEC North Star LTD.

CEC North Star LTD has set sights on three "sweet spots" which they project early stage development of 2000 barrels a day.


The recovery process at large has been determined by management and third party engineering firms as a 3.0 billion PIIP (Petroleum-Initially-In-Place) development.The last two transactions made by Octagon 88 Resources equate to $90,000,000 and makes Octagon 88 the largest publicly traded shareholder of CEC North Star LTD.

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Bluesky / Gething

Bluesky Bitumen-Filled Channel Sandstones (seismically defined)

Multiple stages of channel development (incised valley deposits), similar to productive Peace River channel sandstones to the south are believed to occur to the southeast of Manning. Seismic is required to delineate channel thickness and heavy oil prospectively. Evaluation of drilled wells in the area indicates that porosity ranges up to 30% and that heavy oil saturation occurs. The sandstones are very fine (marine) to medium grained (estuarine to fluvial), salt and pepper (i.e., quartz and chert composition) and variably glauconitic.

The Bluesky core reviewed show definite oil content – in addition corresponding logs for this well, compare favorably with the well identified on CEC Project B.  With mapping already completed the support of this core proving presence of oil, the confidence of a Bluesky Channel on Project B is strengthened. Several lines of trade seismic have been purchased over the area to more fully map the channel overall area in preparation for an independent engineering report as well to identify the thicker parts of the channel for the drilling and core program planned for 2013.

Elkton & Debolt 

The Elkton “Sweet Spot” (probably the best Mississippian–age, heavy oil prospect in western Canada)

The Elkton Debolt combined carbonates are thick (up to 35m), slightly dolomitic limestone (wackestones-packstones) with variable oil saturation. Observed porosity ranges up to 24%. The geology is somewhat similar to the erosional edge play, except they are further down dip and thicker. Fluid saturations vary throughout and permeability may be slightly lower.

The Erosional Edge

Debolt “Sweet Spot”

The Erosional Edge on the Elkton Debolt Members includes dolomitic, highly oil saturated limestone (packstones to mudstone) that were deposited in a shoaling upward carbonate environment. Both porosity and permeability have been enhanced near the formations’ erosional edges. Thickness ranges from approximately 6-20 meters, and porosity values are up to 28%. These reservoir rocks are relatively homogeneous compared to the karsted Devonian Grosmont Formation.

The Cores from comparable Erosional Edge wells in the Peace River Block as mapped over Projects A and C and over portions of B are very positive – with one well drilled recently showing very thick zones of Elkton/Debolt with obvious oil wetting.  These projects have opportunities for primary production without stimulation or EOR (enhanced oil recovery) as the oil in the erosional edge is expected to be of a lighter API (density) than the main thicker Elkton/Debolt zones.  Cold flow or primary production would dramatically add to early stage economics as the projects develop.  This is the primary target for the Q2 2012 drill program as typically seen in other comparable; migration of lighter viscosity oil to the erosional edge is common – geologic studies suggest potentially similar results to Shell Chipmunk, Baytex Seal etc.  Also, the erosional edge corresponds to Laricina's Saleski project on the erosional edge of the Grosmont Carbonate Trend.

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The National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator approves Pilot Energy's application to vary its work program for Permit WA-503-P offshore Western Australia.
Galilee Energy completes the acquisition of the remaining 50 percent stake in ATP 529P in Galilee Basin om Queensland, Australia from AGL Energy.
The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate grants Statoil Petroleum AS a drilling permit for well 25/11-28, located in the central part of the North Sea in production license 169.


[Business Wire] - Octagon 88 Resources Inc., is pleased to announce that it has received confirmation from the Operator that the drill license for the third Elkton well has been approved.


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