Finding Reliable Canadian Stock Brokers

This top 5 Canadian stock broker's review is a compilation of the most popular platforms offered by the top players in the industry. We've spent months tracking, testing and reviewing all the major players in the forex arena - and we've come up with our top pick of the top five...

InvestisseX: The InvestisseX platform is an all-in-one forex broker that works with both major forex platforms - the Eurozone Financial Market (Euromoney) and the Canadian Securities Market (TSM). InvestisseX boasts an unmatched combination of high end technical analysis tools and state of the art charting tools. It also offers free trades, low commissions and other interactive features for its active traders and investors. InvestisseX works exclusively with brokerage members.

Canadian Stock Brokers: The Canadian Securities Exchange (TSE) is another of the top online brokerage sites in Canada, offering both trading and investing options to its traders. The Canuck stockbroker offers the standard option of buying and selling Canadian securities, as well as investments in international stocks and equities. Some of the best features of the site include free transactions and free investment advice, as well as a free online newsletter from their team of financial experts.

Canadian Stock Brokers

E-Trade: E-Trade is one of the top two Canadian online stock brokerages, offering a full service brokerage platform to its users. With over 16 years of experience, E-trade has perfected the art of execution, facilitating trades in real time for its registered Canadian investors. The company has also made the experience of trading and investing in stocks fun and easy, with a variety of investment options available. InvestisseX and Canadian Stock Brokers are also available on the E-Trade website, which makes it easier than ever to invest in Canada stocks. Both of these reliable companies provide a wide array of investment products and services to their clients.

Bankwire: Located in Canada's Pacific provinces, Bankwire is among the most popular and respected banking and money transfer brokerage firm in the country. Offering fast cash services to clients, Bankwire's services include online access and mobile access to their secure online bank. This ensures that even if you are currently travelling overseas, you can complete all your banking transactions without any hiccups. Aside from their wire transfer services, Bankwire also enables investors to conduct other kinds of financial transactions such as bill payments, offshore investing, foreign currency exchange, and more.

Investing in Canada Stock Market can prove to be a great way to achieve financial independence, or a good investment portfolio for people already established in the business. Finding the best brokerage firm in Canada is easy if you know where to look. Consult the web's numerous search engines for brokerages firms in Canada. Compare their features, services, and rates for ease of research. Then contact a particular brokerage firm, or better yet, open an account with them so that you can start investing and making trades right away!

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